Ali Seyhun Saral

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse.

My research focuses on the topic of cooperation, specifically on reciprocity and conditional cooperation. Particular applications that I am interested in are public goods, social production goods and climate problems.

For my research, I use methods from microeconomics, game theory, behavioral and experimental economics, agent-based modelling and social choice theory.

I am also interested in software development related to experimental social sciences.

And here are my public profiles:

Github @aseyq
Twitter @aseyq
ORCID 0000-0002-5523-5355
Mastodon @aseyq@fosstodon.org
Note: I haven't updated my website since a while. So the information might be dated. I promise I'll do it soon 🙏.



Direct and Indirect Reciprocity among Individuals and Groups

(with A. Romano and J. Wu)
Current Opinion in Psychology, 2022

The Stability of Conditional Cooperation

(with L. Andreozzi and M.Ploner)
Scientific Reports, 2020
GitHub Repo

zBrac — A multilanguage tool for z-Tree

(with A. Schröter)
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2019
GitHub Repo

Ongoing Research

Reciprocity in Dictator Games: An experimental study

(with L. Andreozzi and M.Faillo)
Status: Working paper
Working Paper

Evolution of Conditional Cooperation in Prisoner's Dilemma: An agent-based model

Status: Draft available
Paper Draft | GitHub Repo | GitHub Repo of Paper Draft

Wisdom of Crowds and social influence: A comparison of voting rules

(with A. Hennes)
Status: Writing

Generating representatives from Anonymously and Neutrally Equivalent Classes (ANEC): An algorithm to enumerate root profiles

(with J. Staudacher, S. Kaunzinger and F. Aslan)
Status: Writing


zBrac: A multilanguage tool for z-Tree (with A. Schröter)

GitHub Repo

We developed a tool to facilitate translation of z-Tree treatment files. To download the software please visit the the GitHub repository of the project .

The unoffical oTree Community Book

Online Book | GitHub Repo

This is a collaborative book/materials project about the software oTree. It started as the lecture notes from the course that I have given at my institute. I shared the course content under open licenses, and I hope to encourage others to collaborate with me to create a comprehensive course for the researchers who would like to learn oTree.

choicepy: A Python framework for social choice theory (with A. Hennes)

GitHub Repo

We are developing a Python package for computational projects about social choice theory and voting. We developed the core of the software for our joint project and decided the share the code under an open-source license.


For your requests, comments, collaboration proposals or questions: ali.saral@iast.fr. You can also contact me via Twitter .

Friendly note: Although I try, I often cannot respond all the e-mails I receive about general coding issues due to my time constraints. Thank you for your understanding.