Hi there! My name is Ali Seyhun Saral.

I am a postdoctoral researcher and the lab manager at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods. I am a member of the Experimental Economics Group (EEG)

My research focuses on the topic of cooperation, specifically on reciprocity and conditional cooperation. One particular application that I am interested in is social production goods such as open-source software, wikis, public guides and so on.

For my research, I use methods from microeconomics, game theory, behavioral and experimental economics, agent-based modelling and social choice theory.

I am also interested in software development related to experimental social sciences and data analysis.

Here is my CV.

And here are my public profiles:

Github @seyhunsaral
Twitter @seyhunsaral
ORCID 0000-0002-5523-5355



The Stability of Conditional Cooperation

(with L. Andreozzi and M.Ploner)
Scientific Reports, forthcoming
Working Paper | GitHub Repo

zBrac — A multilanguage tool for z-Tree

(with A. Schröter)
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2019
GitHub Repo

Ongoing Research

Social Choice for Social Production: Voluntary Provision and Aggregation of Information Goods

(with A. Hennes)
Status: Early stage

Evolution of Conditional Cooperation : An agent-based model

Status: In progress
GitHub Repo

Presumptive Reciprocity in Dictator Games

(with L. Andreozzi and M.Faillo)
Status: In progress

Generating representatives from Anonymously and Neutrally Equivalent Classes (ANEC): An algorithm to enumerate root profiles

(with J. Staudacher, S. Kaunzinger and F. Aslan)
Status: In progress


For your requests, comments, collaboration proposals or questions: saral@coll.mpg.de. You can also contact me via Twitter .

Friendly note: Although I try, I often cannot respond all the e-mails I receive about general coding issues due to my time constraints. Thank you for your understanding.